Driver Training & Licensing

No matter what your experience of driving, the GulfSport Racing team can get you trained and up to speed ready for the Gulf Radical Cup. From basic training and getting your FIA racing licence, right up to professional driver coaching.



In 2018 GulfSport Racing LLC was approved by the ATCUAE to run ASN recognised driver assessments (known in the UK as the ARDS Test) as a prerequisite to drivers obtaining their National Race Licence. This comes as a result of successfully training and mentoring more than 100 drivers from 30 countries in the Gulf Radical Cup and the Formula Gulf Academy.

Complete Season Driver Coaching - From AED 850

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Private Driver Coaching

Professional sportsmen and women accept they can't improve and get the best out of their sport without a coach. Whether you are looking for a little tune up on some specific skills or want a complete driver development plan putting together we can help. 

Private Driver Coaching From From AED 2,000/day


Gulf Radical Cup Training, Testing and FIA Licensing (2 Day course)

Gulf Sport Racing has trained over 100 drivers from 30 countries. Right from day one of the Gulf Radical Cup back in 2006 the team were taking complete novices and turning them into competent racing drivers. A two day training course gives you all the skills you need to get ready for your first race in the Gulf Radical Cup, and  all being well, the outcome of the course is a Certificate that is used to apply for your FIA Race National licence (additional fees apply for licence).

2 Day Course for Radical Owners - From AED 11,500

I would like to say a big thank you to the team for a fantastic race season. The car was fast and reliable and with your guidance I was able to improve dramatically during the season.
— Ian Roberts. RMEC 2018 3rd overall and Driver of the Year - Rookie Year