New drivers obtain UAE Race License after passing GulfSport run assessment.

Preparing for the 2018/19 Gulf Radical Cup season is Fran Cush and Neil Clark. Last week they successfully completed a race licence test and course with GulfSport Racing. Working with GulfSport's Martin Hope they spent the evening at the Dubai Autodrome learning the basics of driving a Radical SR3 and competing in a National Race event.

After some passenger laps it was time for them to take the wheel and see what all the fuss was about. Fran has some prior trackday experience, but never in a car with slicks and wings.

Neil has some racing under his belt from the UK, but he found the Radical and the idea of using Video and Data loggers with a professional team pretty new and exciting. He added - "…a big thank you to GulfSport for their support and professionalism in helping with my UAE race licence.

After much research we decided to try our hand at racing here in the UAE, and GulfSport Racing were by far the most professional and knowledgeable outfit we encountered.

Martin and Fred have been on hand to patiently answer our many questions, provide a car to test at the Dubai Autodrome, give us instruction and guide us professionally through the driving and written tests for the licence.

We are now about to buy a car and get them to run it for us for the coming season and am certain the same level of care, support and great humour will continue for the coming season!"


GulfSport Racing are now licenced by ATC UAE to assess and qualify prospective racers for a ATC UAE National B race licence. If you are interested in getting on track with a UAE race licence please contact us.

Virage Racing offer LMP3 Test


Virage Academy (Spain) and Gulf Radical Cup announce partnership


In 2011 Virage Academy was created in order to assist drivers with physical, mental and technical preparation. Among them, Sergio Perez, Vitaly Petrov, Giedo Van der Garde, Rio Haryanto and another 60 drivers enjoyed the Virage Academy services.

In the winter of 2017-2018 , Team Virage was born in order to compete with two Le Mans Prototypes (LMP3) in the the ELMS, VdeV and Le Mans Cup.


Virage Academy/Campos Racing had previously partnered with Formula Gulf Academy (run by GulfSport Racing) to offer driver training support and a fully funded F3 test to our Vice Champion.

For the 2018/19 Gulf Radical Cup season,  Team Virage are offering a test in Spain in their Ligier LMP3. This is a fantastic opportunity for the lucky winner of the Gulf Radical Cup, consolidating all that would have been learnt and proven throughout their season.

GulfSport’s Martin Hope said - “Surely every Radical racer in the world must look at an LMP3 car with immense envy. If you have spent a season racing a Radical you are extremely well prepared to test an LMP3 car and the partnership we have with Team Virage will allow for a very rare opportunity.”


Motor racing specialists GulfSport Racing LLC ( has been named the exclusive UAE dealer for Radical Sportscars Limited. GulfSport will begin a sales and support program for both new and existing Radical customers throughout the UAE.

“We are delighted to appoint GulfSport as our UAE dealer,” said Joe Anwyll, CEO of Radical Sportscars Limited. “Their experience of Radical dates back 18 years to when Martin Hope raced the iconic Radical Clubsport; the car that started the Radical revolution. Their experience, professionalism and technical prowess strengthens our global network of dealers”.


“As our customers know, what makes the Radical experience unique is the full-service nature of our dealers who provide driver development and coaching along with trackside support, storage, transport and preparation,” added Anwyll. “GulfSport has a proven record of mentoring and coaching aspiring racers be they gentlemen drivers or young karters, many of whom have gone on  to compete internationally”.

GulfSport Racing, one of the pioneers of national motor racing in the UAE is a full service motorsport business that develops championships, provides technical support to its drivers, operates a renowned race school, stocks premier branded racewear and equipment, prepares and sells racing cars and engines.

Making dreams come true.

“We are delighted to have been invited to partner with Radical again” said GulfSport’s Martin Hope. “Since organising international Radical races in support of the A1 Grand Prix of Dubai in 2005 we have helped at least 100 drivers to achieve their dreams. Roughly half of these were business owners who typically drive exotic supercars on the roads but aspired to drive a proper racing car. We also train young professional racing drivers, who have come to the UAE from 23 countries for our Formula Gulf Academy to gain the advanced skills and experience they need to compete successfully at the highest level”.

GulfSport will re-launch the one-make Gulf Radical Cup race series they started more than 12 years ago. The two seat Radical SR3 accelerates to 100kph in just over 3 seconds and has a top speed of 240kph. By comparison, it costs US$ 44,000 less than a Porsche GT3, weighs half as much and with its high-downforce aerodynamic design has a lateral force of 2.3g providing a unique and unforgettable driving experience. The Radical SR3 is also eligible to race in any Radical championship in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, Scandinavia and Canada. 

Local race teams have expressed support for the re-launch of the Gulf Radical Cup. Dragon Racing Chairman Leon Price commented, “I’m delighted to learn about GulfSport’s new Radical series, another demonstration of the potential growth of motorsport in the UAE”. 

Professionally run race series that provide quality racing and growth will get Dragon’s full support. The Gulf Radical Cup, coupled with the new Gulf Sportscar Championship would in turn support further development of the Dubai Autodrome’s NGK Racing Series for saloon and touring cars” said Mr Price.  “These series, along with the successful UAE F4 Championship and the Formula Gulf Academy provides a wide spectrum of racing opportunities supported by our Motorsport Wednesday test sessions”.

Nothing compares.

Gulf Radical Cup coordinator, Fred Jacobs commented,“The legendary Radical experience offers enthusiast owner/drivers the opportunity to drive quickly and safely alongside likeminded individuals, whilst benefitting from coaching by highly experienced instructors. We are often told by our customers that nothing could quite prepare them for the thrill of pulling high G forces as they race through a turn at high speed - something they thought they would never experience. But for those proud owners of an SR3 who go through our training program, this is a reality and for many, a dream come true.”.