The most important driver demand; a "level playing field".

2018/19 - A TRANSITION season

For the past few seasons the RMEC (Radical Middle East Cup) uniquely allowed engines to be used that were not sealed by RPE (Radical Performance Engines). Radical wants all its official Radical race series to use only RPE sealed engines to ensure optimum reliability, performance and crucially, an assured level playing field.

However, some non-RPE sealed engines will only have a few hours on them going into the 2018/19 season. So this season will form a transition season where non-RPE sealed engines will be allowed to compete. This gives drivers plenty of time to align themselves for the 2019/20 season by which time we anticipate GulfSport Racing will be rebuilding and officially sealing RPE engines in the UAE. This will offer owners and teams a more cost effective and timely rebuild turnaround.

To use an non-RPE sealed engine this year, you will need to file a simple request with the organiser, after which a simple rolling road test may be done to verify power output. The engine will then be sealed and allowed to compete. The organiser will cover the cost of the rolling road test if needed. Please Contact us about this if you need to do so.